If you have been wrongfully arrested, accused, or your business or even your tenant, (if you're a landlord), has been threatened by these 'Gestapo' type tactics being used, DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY.  We have bail-bondsmen and a tough legal team ready to come to your immediate defense.

Protecting one's health is a basic need.  The health and welfare of the citizens of each and every state is the responsibility of each state under the 10th Amendment.  The federal government has no right and no reason to interfere with sick people only trying to obtain their medication in a safe-access location instead of behind shady alleys.  The laws were written exactly that way too....TO PROVIDE SAFE ACCESS.

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I'm Innocent and 420 Lawyer have joined forces to provide medical marijuana patients, caregivers, growers and dispensers the best possible protection and defense against violations by local city, state and federal prosecutors of the rights outlined in many state, county and city ordinances.

A majority of states have passed medical marijuana laws and ordinances, but the real problem is that they vary so greatly from one location to the next.  What's legal in one city may be illegal just blocks away; this is not right and this needs to be amended by the state and eventually, all willing, the federal government.

Right now, there are more prisoners being wrongfully held in our jails for marijuana "crimes" then anything else.  These petty offenses make the prisons money, so the courts just keep on convicting licensed patients, growers and dispensary owners.

We here at the Law Office of Punam Patel Grewal stand right beside our clients and their medical marijuana rights; including the physicians brave enough to stand up and agree that this miracle plant has many medical uses based on scientific research, no matter what the FDA claims behind the tobacco and liquor money they are fed to keep the status quo.